Amazing Thailand

Experience the amazing diversity of Thailand, from bustling cities to tranquil beaches and ancient temples. Explore the country's culinary landscape through Michelin-starred restaurants and embrace the local way of life by using public transportation. Thailand invites you on a journey of discovery where each day offers a new adventure and a deeper understanding of this vibrant culture.

Thailand Curated Vacation Packages

Explore our range of curated packages designed to inspire. With the ability to tailor-make or customize any vacation, our destination specialists will ensure each moment of the journey is nothing short of extraordinary. 

1. HERO Chiang Mai Lanterns

Classic Thailand

Thailand from $3399

10 Days | 9 Nights

City, highlands, beach; the classic Thai vacation that leaves travelers feeling confident that they have experienced the best of the Land of Smiles.  Bangkok pulsates with energy. Chiang Mai enchants with its historic walled city and night markets. While Phuket's stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife create an idyllic tropical paradise. Welcome to Thailand.

1. HERO Young monks

Luxe Thailand

Thailand from $4999

10 Days | 9 Nights

This vacation was tailored with luxury and indulgence in mind. Thailand offers opulent experiences amidst exotic landscapes, and world-class accommodations at lavish resorts in desirable destinations. And, most importantly, value for money.  Traveling from Bangkok to the highlands of Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, then south to tropical Koh Samui, you’ll feel both engaged and pampered.